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2013 Coloring Contest Winner!

Over 1,300 submissions came from almost 50 school districts across the United States and Canada. Some school districts submitted over 280 entries! The time and dedication spent doing this for a good cause and for the children is greatly appreciated.

The decision was a tough one... but Seon has chosen an overall winner along with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each age category (5—7, 8—10, 11+). 

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this Coloring Contest an overwhelming success — you've helped spread the word that Bullies Aren't Cool!

Congratulations Mayson Bac of Chinook M.S.!


Seon will donate $500 to Mayson's school to spend on anti-bullying awareness along with a "Bully Project DVD and Educators Kit" and Mayson will receive a Seon anti-bullying teddy bear and medal!

Over 1,300 Coloring Contest Submissions!



“Bullying can happen anywhere — in the classroom, on the playground, online, but it often starts on the ride to school,” says Terry Akiyama, President of Seon. “We believe that creating a safe and respectful environment on the school bus can go a long way in preventing bullying. We encourage everyone to participate in our campaign and support this worthy cause.”

Age Category 5—7:

First Place: Kayla - Age 6


Second Place: Fernando - Age 5


Third Place: Valery - Age 7


Age Category 8—10:

First Place: Jason - Age 10


Second Place: Brande - Age 9


Third Place: Gabe - Age 8


Age Category 11+:

First Place: Kalah - Age 12


Second Place: Anna - Age 13


Third Place: Jessica - Age 12